Credentials Integrity Services

Companies of all sizes go to great distances to safeguard their user credentials. However, breaches happen. Whether your company’s user credentials have been compromised or one of the service providers to which your users entrusted their credentials have been breached, hackers maybe abusing these credentials to further their ill gains.


Hold Security’s Credentials Integrity Services aim to help companies of all sizes and profiles to assert their data integrity. We monitor the Deep Web for stolen credentials that belong to your company or your customers and provide alerting and intelligence services around this data.


We identify the data from non-public sources and from the hackers themselves. We are standing by the quality of our services. Some offerings come with SLAs, others with money-back guarantees if we cannot deliver a certain level of results.


We offer flexible and affordable solutions for several tiers of companies:


Our data is delivered securely and all customers must provide proofs of data ownership. Don’t let the bad guys win; protect your user’s credentials today!


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