Consumer Hold Identity Protection Service

As Hold Security have uncovered more than 1 billion user accounts compromised in the latest breach, we have decided to offer our help to all the affected individuals. As it might take us some time to alert their customers, we would like to directly address the concerns of individuals by launching our Hold Identity protection service in the next 60 days.

Hold Identity is a subscription service, which is FREE for 30 days if you sign up right now. This service will allow individuals to know if their online credentials have been compromised. Plus, we will also offer continuous monitoring of your identity online.

We encourage you to express your interest in this service by joining now, free of charge and commitment. In return, we will provide you with an answer as to whether or not your personal information has been compromised once we verify your electronic identity.

This is how the service will work – once you fill out the form with your name and email, we will send you an email asking to confirm your identity. Once that is done, we will check our database to see if your email address is among those compromised. If it isn’t, we will let you know right away. However, keep in mind that our database is getting constantly updated and even though your email might not be on the list right now, it might be in the future, which is where our continuous monitoring steps in.

If we discover that your email is on our list, we will ask you to provide an encrypted versions of your passwords to compare it to the ones in our database, so that we can let you know exactly which of your passwords have been compromised. Note that the passwords will be encrypted on your end using a very secure algorithm, so there would be no way for us or anybody else to read them in plain text. Once we find a match, we will let you know which of your passwords have been breached, so that you can go ahead and make the necessary changes to protect your information. We will check up to 15 passwords per email as we understand that many of us reuse the same email address on different websites, such as internet banking, social media etc. However, keep in mind that in some cases passwords may be very outdated or you might have some generic passwords assigned to you by various service providers.
Please note that we will not check any emails belonging to military or government domains.

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